Charming mooring

Discover Sardinia's most charming marina



The small, delightful Marina of Porto Rafael enjoys a privileged position in the shelter of the high promontory of Punta Sardegna.

On the other sides it is protected by the islands of La Maddalena, Santo Stefano, and Capo d’Orso point.






Eighty boats, many of which can reach up to 40 metres in length and with draughts of 5 metres, can find a secure and elegant berth here, right at the heart of the archipelago, boasting the best shelter from the mistral and the closest location to the islands you could wish for. Assistance for mooring, water, current, and robust buoys accompany a small clubhouse managed by the Pincioni family, who manage to make everyone feel at home.

The small bar of the clubhouse is well stocked, as mentioned elsewhere in this volume, and represents one of the most picturesque places to have an aperitif in the north of Sardinia. Being located at the centre of the archipelago is also an advantage for those who come here to rent a rib, and many turn to brothers Gianni and Ottavio who organise traditional fishing excursions in the most prolific points of the archipelago. The Marina is also home to the Yacht Club Punta Sardegna, which each year organises the Formenton Trophy, one of the most beloved regattas on the coast.



41.11.76 N – 09.21.80 E VHF 16/9
Punta Stroppello
Porto Rafael 07020 – Palau
+39 0789 700302