Time in Jazz

Time in Jazz

Everything you ever wanted to know about jazz and never dared ask

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Time in Jazz has been running for 34 years, yet many still struggle to understand its hidden truth. Some people may not understand jazz, and find it superfluous to assert one’s own style and interpretation. And it may seem strange that a musician would want to change what they play, sometimes radically, adapting it to the time and place of the performance.

Some may not understand jazz, the power of jazz, the atmosphere of jazz, the irony of jazz. The virtuosity of jazz. And so the festival may seem to some to be closely bound to what they imagine is a musical technique and that’s the end of it.

But this is not all true: jazz is an existential technique, and the festival proves it. The real attraction of time in Jazz is the way in which the audience, and even more so the organisers, interpret the place and time for music.




With composure, with grace, in silence, enjoying a form of coexistence and mutual respect, a way of discovering new places that, like any good frame, is an integral part of the picture. Places that are brought to life, applauded, seen in a new light – under the stars of jazz, we could say.

“Isteddhos”, which means “stars”, in fact, in the Logudorese dialect spoken in Berchidda, is the title of the 2021 edition, scheduled from 7 to 16 August. A circuit of musical and artistic events through which we can explore Berchidda, the birthplace of Paolo Fresu, as well as Arzachena, Bortigiadas, Buddusò, Bulzi, Ittiri, Loiri Porto San Paolo, Luogosanto, Mores, Olbia, Oschiri, Porto Rotondo, San Teodoro, Telti and Tempio Pausania – as morning and afternoon concerts take place in a variety of spaces and scenarios, from country churches to coastal vistas, and from town piazzas and forests to archaeological sites.

Discover the full programme of Time in Jazz 2021 “Isteddhos”.