Surf for life



We are all born on the crest of a wave that pushes us inexorably forward. It is up to each of us, based on the table we have under our feet, to descend that wave in our own way, or style. We devoted an entire issue to this subject (Coast 2020), and now here we are again, with an exceptional Sardinian company that produces the best surfboards on the market: incredibly fast and light, elegant and entirely eco-friendly.

Alterego produces high-performance surfboards made of cork and other advanced materials with a low CO2 impact. The result is a range of boards for every level of surf, offering flexibility and performance with a green core, thanks to a proprietary technology that uses a bioresin along with cork as the natural base for the structure, making the boards up to 95% compostable.





“We produce boards for every type of wave and, on request, for every surfer” says Michele Piga of Alterego Surf “models that are fast on small and medium waves thanks to a big tail and a fat outline, a medium-low input rocker and a slight flip on the nose that allows radical turns, boards to start practising aerials, boards for speed and difficult conditions, but also Shortboards, Skimboards and Foil Boards with exceptional performance”.

We could go on, but the best thing to do is to hop over to beautiful Alghero and have a chat about all the details of your next customised board, which will allow you to surf the waves – including the one on which you were born – according to your own unique and treasured style.





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