Secret beaches



Flowers all around, music in your head, hundreds of beaches to discover and exactly the right time to do it.

Summer preview: the perfect chance to find new beaches and enchanting paths through spectacular Sardinian blooms.
High season makes us lazy: who wants to brave the heat, congested roads and packed car parks to find new special places, new beaches, restaurants and walks in high summer? If there is a perfect time to do it that time is the April bank holiday. It’s already popular as the scarcity of any available cars to hire on the island shows.

For the glory: sharing your knowledge of magical new places to visit in July and August with your friends (or contacts on social media) will boost your popularity, up your stock and carry you along on a wave of hearts and likes.
For the tan: the spring sunshine can be surprising, catch some rays in your swimsuit or shorts and start turning golden on the outside too. If it gets hot, the sea water will cool you right down (it’s freezing!).

It’s the perfect time to do a little Beach Scouting along the coast from Budoni to Olbia, Olbia to Golfo Aranci, Porto Rotondo and the Costa Smeralda, and from Palau to Santa Teresa. It is so easy in fact that you can even search out the infamous beaches with sunset views beyond Capo Testa, like Rena Majore, Lu Littarroni, Vignola Mare.

So your reward is returning tanned and covered in glory, revitalised through music and good food, proud to have discovered new favourite spots and visited them at a wonderful time – in the magnificent Sardinian spring.
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Wonderful: Cala Moresca, near Golfo Aranci


2_Principe-Romazzino-CaladiVolpe-Spiaggia-Beach-Porto-Cervo-Costa-Smeralda-Sardegna-Sardinia-Coast-CoastStyle-PHOTO MARCELLO CHIODINO
ph Marcello Chiodino

The Spiaggia del Principe, almost an icon of the Costa Smeralda



Spiaggia Tre Monti a good hidden one