Humanity has always considered rotundity a positive thing. It allows the eye to follow flowing curves – transmitting harmonious, unbroken signals to receptors which interpret them as a relaxing and compelling massage. You would never, in fact, name a place Porto Pointy or Porto Angular. When we say someone is sharp or spiky, we aren’t extolling the virtues of their character, quite the opposite.




Rotundness, on the other hand, is pleasing, and roundness is attractive to both men and women. And so, for your pleasure, we have a new type of rotundity to add to the list, which up until now we had not noticed, although it was right under our noses: Portorotundity. Of course this includes the curves of female habitués of the village (they say that a vault in the Sporting hotel contains the bedclothes of some of the most beautiful women on the planet) but only to a small extent, because the concept is a much wider one.

This cheerful, self-deprecating Portorotondity has always made its mark and often sparks envy. The easy-going attitude with which a true Portorotundite faces life, it’s pleasures and adversities, even those adversities that are more or less obviously inherent in every pleasure (don’t you agree?) are handled with a healthy but considered dose of lightheartedness. Considered, but carefree.

Portorotundity is an essentially NOBLE CHARACTERISTIC OF THE SOUL, developed over time around this rounded and salty bay. Here the trusty steeds – sail or motor-powered – of the noble knights of this Camelot of good taste, discretion and understated exuberance moor up. Here we find an ancient and somewhat heretic nobility, such as that which glimmers in the stories and the mirthful eyes of Luigino Donà dalle Rose, the Venetian count who together with his brother brought minds and investment to this particular round table.





And its uniqueness is unquestionable, one could never say “Portocervity” without feeling silly, but “Portorotundity” is a slightly lame play on words, but one that can be adapted to many situations. A discussion point for the summer, an intangible basin to dip into when necessary: for shopping, strolling on the quays or discovering new beaches, to see the genius of the artist Mario Ceroli inside the town church, to enjoy the season of entertainment in the squares and amphitheatre.


For more information on the programme visit www.portorotondoweb.it