Estate Olbia Costa Smeralda

Flying high




It may be a habit but, at the beginning of the season, one of the first things we all do here on the coast is to sneak a peek at the list of flights arriving in Costa Smeralda.

It’s a kind of instinct, a not wholly admitted-to desire to know who will be around on the island this year.

Those who have friends in Austria, France or Switzerland take the opportunity to fill them in on the new summer flights and encourage them to book immediately, while those who have a restaurant can find out if they’ll need to translate the menu into Spanish as well. Single people want to know if we’ll have the British, the Germans or finally, after years of waiting, the Norwegians again.



Voli Costa Smeralda



Finally, this information is vital for those who want to escape the summer for a while and take refuge somewhere far from everything, away from the heat, from responsibilities or from someone or something that is best forgotten.

2021 will definitely be French, with 8 cities connected. That’s unusual, when have we ever had French people around? Great news, however, for a getaway to the land of the Louvre, while the temperatures and humidity are still manageable. Germany follows with 7 cities, the United Kingdom with 3, Scandinavia also with the 3 capitals (Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen) the Netherlands with 3, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Poland with 2, Russia, Lithuania and Czechoslovakia with 1 city each.

So 68 cities and 19 nations will feed the tourist influx for this summer season, which many are already predicting – weather permitting – will be longer and more interesting than previous ones.

With a good percentage of the population already vaccinated and a great appetite for open spaces, clean air and new experiences reigning throughout the Old Continent, Sardinia is once again the right destination to touch down in.



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