Ecology of self

    Pursuing Good is the Ecology of Me: it nurtures the soul and the body with good home-cooked food and helps flush out polluting toxins. We grab something that floats, then we lounge around in the water and enjoy the splashing as we gradually float away from the shore and its racket. The tide […]

HH Story

  “There is a multitude of fine sandy beaches and no one to walk on them. Green and grey mountains tumble into the sea, a carpet of purple and yellow, red and blue flowers perfumes the air. It’s warm here too, warmer than in the overcrowded resorts in the South of France.” The year was […]

Easter(n) wind

Clear skies and crisp sea air, driven by a 30-40 horsepower engine otherwise known as the mistral wind, something not everyone loves thanks to flying sand, doors slamming shut and general huffing and puffing. But just go with the flow and make the most the blustery day with our five top tips for enjoying it […]

Twist and Patchanka

The first real party of the Costa Smerlda’s tourist era was the inauguration of Baja Sardinia, on 14 July, 1962. In just eight months, the village came to life. The Pappagallo restaurant was completed, as well as the dance club where Mingardi and Gualdi played with their band, where summer evenings met embryonic sparks of […]

Between sacred and profane

  The Church of San Lorenzo in Portorotondo is one of the most memorable examples of modern religious architecture. This tiny gem is the work of three great artists: Andrea Cascella, Mario Ceroli and Gianfranco Fini. The magnificent cross outside the church is made of two granite slabs intersecting on a circular base, sculpted by […]


Officially no longer the capital of the province, Olbia gains points in other important areas, such as liveability and charm. And it continues to grow: new bike lanes are already under construction and projects are taking shape for a new pedestrian promenade and bike path going around the town centre and out past the airport, […]


  Humanity has always considered rotundity a positive thing. It allows the eye to follow flowing curves – transmitting harmonious, unbroken signals to receptors which interpret them as a relaxing and compelling massage. You would never, in fact, name a place Porto Pointy or Porto Angular. When we say someone is sharp or spiky, we […]

Houses from on-high

The sky is a place of souls, kites and gods. Although there are more souls than kites and fewer and fewer gods. But overall, it has to be said that there is indeed quite a large audience up there. Some people claim that the huge Nazca geoglyphs were made by ancient Peruvians to communicate with […]

The sciaman helps!

Andrea Kalff, the well known German shaman, has moved to San Pantaleo, in Sardinia. “As a shaman I see myself as a bridge that connects life and death” she said. She works with a wide variety of doctors, psychologists and therapists worldwide. In 2006 she was discovered by one of the Worlds most famous shaman, […]