Sailing Yacht A

    Sailing Yacht A measures 142 metres by 24 metres and breaks all ties with the past. Its silhouette, now familiar on the Costa Smeralda, disorients those who try to form an opinion on it, because no adjective seems to fit, and not even “minimalist” works to describe a yacht with a gross tonnage […]

At the bottom of the sea

    As any good documentary will testify, the only natural environment still largely unexplored on Earth is the ocean. Diving into its depths like Cousteau, Captain Nemo or Switzerland’s Auguste Piccard, who reached just under 11,000 metres in the Mariana Trench with the bathyscaphe Trieste, is now possible thanks to the new generation of […]

Inhale and inspire

Born in Busto Arsizio in 1965, Umberto Pelizzari is a tall man. At almost 1.90 metres and weighing 84 kg, he boasts a lung capacity of almost 8 litres, compared to the average 5-6 litres. In the 1990s he caused amazement when he descended to 65 meters in constant weight, using only fins, setting a new […]

Charming mooring

  The small, delightful Marina of Porto Rafael enjoys a privileged position in the shelter of the high promontory of Punta Sardegna. On the other sides it is protected by the islands of La Maddalena, Santo Stefano, and Capo d’Orso point.           Eighty boats, many of which can reach up to […]


Everyone has seen it, the imposing morphology of the island of Tavolara does not go unnoticed by those arriving in northeast Sardinia by air or by sea, yet hardly anyone really knows it. A granite and limestone monolith shaped like a great wall, four kilometres long by one kilometre wide, it rises vertically from the […]

Deep dive into the Titanic

Relitto Titanic

  It’s almost 110 years since the Titanic met with tragedy, sinking off the cost of Canada on April 14, 1912 after hitting an iceberg. The remains of the largest shipwreck in contemporary history lie at a depth of 3,800 metres below the sea. Despite the dark and undoubtedly dank environment, the wreck is attracting […]

To the lighthouse

When Virginia Woolf wrote her 1927 masterpiece “To the Lighthouse”, she could not have imagined that her mirage (in the novel, a lighthouse in the Hebrides) would become one of our most powerful and persuasive existential symbols. In a way it’s also metaphor for our spirit, our light and our eclipse, the flashing alternations of […]

Secret beaches

Flowers all around, music in your head, hundreds of beaches to discover and exactly the right time to do it. Summer preview: the perfect chance to find new beaches and enchanting paths through spectacular Sardinian blooms. High season makes us lazy: who wants to brave the heat, congested roads and packed car parks to find […]