Uncommon Barbagia

  Entering the cave of the Corbeddu Bandit is quite an experience, and it takes a while to identify the source of the anxiety this Ali Baba’s cavern inspires. Its entrance is in the Lanaithu Valley, just opposite Tiscali, the ancient town within a mountain that symbolises prehistoric Sardinia. And crossing the threshold is like […]

Divine orchid

Divina orchidea

    Only a small portion of the visitors arriving in Sardinia, including regular visitors, are aware of the more than 60 different types of wild orchids that make the island so special from a botanical point of view. The island’s natural habitat, thanks perhaps to its distance from the continent, is still original, millennial […]

Blue Zones

But to be absolutely honest, the whole Blue Zone thing is sort of bullshit even though it does have a basis in fact. It is true, for instance, that Sardinia, specifically Ogliastra, has an incredible number of centenarians, 10 times higher than the US, for instance (pecorino beats onion rings 10:1). But if you go […]

Pit stop in Sardinia

Migratory birds are a critical link in the global web of life, that not only capture our imagination but connect different ecosystems and species. Their health and survival not only have an enormous and incalculable intrinsic value, but they are also important guarantors of biodiversity for many ecosystems and species.     Yet their survival […]

A journey to Oliena? Oh, yes!

There is a Sardinia that overlooks the sea and a Sardinia that overlooks the mountain. And what a mountain it is, Monte Corrasi, 1,400 metres high – dominating the Barbagia region. Oliena is exactly one of those places that it is worth leaving the coast for, to learn a little more about a land that […]

So near and yet so far

“So near and yet so far” is how Wim Wenders summed up the abyss that separates humans from the angels. A similar abyss seems to separate the Costa Smeralda from the inland area behind it, the Gallura. This is the land of the “stazzi”, the traditional local farms, a paradise unto itself. Protected by spectacular […]

Island cures

Natural remedies are part of the island’s ancient tradition. Everyone knows the story of the family from Nuchis, near Tempio, in Gallura, which has the recipe for a miraculous ointment that heals severe burns. The big pharmaceutical companies have offered them dizzying figures to get their hands on it, but the family refuse to give […]