Better Outside


BY Daniela Dirceo, con Raffaella Razzano

“The desire to come together in a convivial atmosphere that has made the kitchen the focal point inside our homes has extended to the outdoors,” says Raffaella Razzano, journalist and former editor of a magazine dedicated to kitchens, “we have rediscovered the pleasure of living outdoors and this has accelerated a trend that was already established. While once it was the barbecue that dominated, leading manufacturers are now proposing articulated systems for the exterior.”

What were the most original solutions on display at the 2024 Salone del Mobile?
There was lots of innovation on offer, and today it can be said that almost all kitchen manufacturers are embracing the outdoor challenge.

I was impressed by K-Garden by Ernestomeda, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, who proposed a series of islands equipped and accessorised for preparation, cooking – complete with hotplates, grills, BBQs – and dining. The version with the lava-stone top and the sink hollowed out of a single block is very striking.



Also interesting is the evolution of Atria, the outdoor kitchen by Abimis, masters in steel work, with the addition of a bona fide cocktail station for the garden or veranda. Atria Cocktail, designed by Studio Delineo with Massimo Rosati, is equipped with professional tools: an ice basin, washing area, glacette, and the Thrill glass cooler – a real gem that sanitises and allows you to lower the tempera- ture of glasses to -40°C.



Made of precious materials and with highly accurate finishes, Canossa by Scic (design by Ballabeni&Catellani Studio) combines eclectic materials such as wood, ceramic, stone and glass with elegant brass details, and offers options for modularity and customisation comparable to indoor kitchens. A vintage flavour and technology inspired by haute cuisine distinguish the luxury proposals from Officine Gullo. Constructed in steel, they are tailor-made and can be found in beautiful spaces all over the world.

And what about outdoor appliances? What are the most innovative solutions?
The main attractions at the 2024 Salone were the cooking solutions. Barbecues re- main the stars of the show, with impressive built-in options from Steel and Fulgor Milano. However, today’s choices also include induction plates, gas cooktops, tep- panyaki grills, and more.



Barazza introduced the Thalas collection, specifically designed for outdoor use. It features 40 cm countertop plates for various types of cook- ing, all made of ASI 316 stainless steel and equipped with covers for protection when not in use. Given the success of outdoor kitchens, we can expect even more innovative offerings in the future, both in materials and appliances. The challenge continues to captivate every- one, from manufacturers to users.