More and more home owners are choosing to enjoy Sardinia also in the so-called off season, in periods that vary according to their options and inclinations. A happy choice, given the quality of life the region offers in terms of clean air, beautiful landscapes, social harmony and genuine food. As well as poetry, of course. Homes by the sea are usually designed for summer use: to be inhabited in autumn or winter they require a few tweaks, the first being good heating.





If you ask around, you’ll find the best solution is a wood-burning stove or a closed fireplace. If you ask better, they’ll point you to an Austrian stove showroom opened by one of those very people who likes to enjoy the off-season. Ferdinand Huemer’s story is an interesting one – after 40 years of building a brand that is marketed and sold in 47 countries around the world, he opened the first Austroflamm flagship store in San Pantaleo, which he calls his second home.




“Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves are always a matter of the heart, but it is important to know what you want to achieve: for a lasting love to blossom, you need to consult an expert to set up the right system in advance. In German, we use the same word for both oven and stove: Ofen. Perhaps this is why it came naturally to us to develop multifunctional devices for heating as well as cooking.”




A catalogue to be perused, from a company that excels in design and practicality and offers patented technologies that help dramatically reduce solid fuel emissions and offer innovations such as the Air+ control for sustainable use of wood-burning stoves.

Having dealt with the technicalities, the fireplace has not only a practical sense, but also an emotional one. The crackling and warmth of a wood fire encapsulate the pleasure of coming home after a day spent outdoors under the clear winter skies of Sardinia.




Austroflamm Store San Pantaleo




ITA +39 338 207 75 12

ENG +39 346 778 77 72