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If you like Sardinian knives, well then choose one by Massimo’s Manca, is what they say. So finding yourself in Pattada, a village in the centre of Sardinia where the art of the knife, especially the folding pocketknife, has been handed down from father to son over generations, you need to get to the heart of the matter and visit his studio. We often hear about this craftsman in the Costa Smeralda, perhaps because he was among the first to make a treasure of the “Pattadese”, often identified as the Sardinian knife par excellence.
The Pattadese is much sought after by collectors for its sharp blade and the whiff of legend that sees it as the inseparable companion of the gentleman-bandits who lived on the run deep in the mountains of the island.
Also to be kept close at hand are knives such as Zahra, Blue Sky, Arabian Stallion and the Ferrari collection, which have made Massimo Manca famous among collectors. White gold, rose gold, shining, sharp Damascus and engraved steel, horn, bone and fine wood blend perfectly in the Sardinian soul of his finest collection. The kitchen sets and the new series of “Arrow” design knives feature just as much attention to detail.


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