Granite and cork oaks, distant farmhouses and starry nights, the breeze carrying the scent of myrtle and sea salt. This is Gallura, a place suspended in time, where each day is not governed by the clock, but rather measured by the slow pace of working in the fields.



Cascioni is the name of a fertile plain with rolling hills, wild blooms and well-ordered rows of plants. A haven nourished by a stream that lingers here before slowly making its way down to the sea. Olive trees, lovingly cared for, overlooking fields of aromatic plants and fruit trees, framing the rich, large vegetable garden which is the pride and joy of our family since generations.

The typical house in this area is the stazzo: a simple and austere peasant dwelling located in the open countryside, well-suited for working the fields that surround it. We have reimagined the stazzo, combining its rural ambiance with intimate and understated hospitality. In the central building are the reception and the restaurant room, with a stone fireplace and a large mezzanine. The porch holds the lounge bar, overlooking the lawn and the large swimming pool, while the busy kitchen is tucked in the back. Below ground level is the cellar, a cozy oak-scented room dedicated to tastings. Next to it, you’ll find the wellness center, with a heated swimming pool, sauna, special herbal teas, and natural beauty treatments. Just a few steps away, across the courtyard, are the suites.




Cascioni is right in the center of a very special place: to our north is the Gulf of Arzachena, which gives our estate its marine border; to our east is Porto Cervo, about fifteen minutes away; to our south is the village of San Pantaleo, with its industrious artisans; to our west lie archaeological parks and the wild Gallura region. It’s difficult to make a decision rooted in logic. Far better to let go and indulge your desires.



Early autumn— which sometimes begins in October—often resembles late summer. The excursions are even more beautiful. Many visitors still go to the beach for a swim, enjoying the solitude. Meanwhile, we begin harvesting olives and transforming them into extra virgin olive oil in the estate’s private oil mill. Will you join us?



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