The Costa Quality Media

Coast is a communications, advertising and press agency that has been in business on the Costa for the last 25 years. Through products such as Coast Magazine, widely acknowledged as one of the world’s finest free-press publications, the YCCS Magazine, Coast App and prestige collaborations in the worlds of advertising, marketing and printing, Coast has become a communications reference point for the very top end of the market.


Coast Magazine has been the one true medium with which to reach your audience in the Costa: residents, guests, visitors, yacht and villa owners. It boasts both an unparalleled distribution network and level of content.


CoastApp is a powerful and versatile communication channel. It has grown rapidly thanks to its original concept which allows all of its advertisers to communicate with their target audience in Italian and English through status updates.


YCCS Magazine provides access to the exclusive world of top-level yachting. As the official magazine of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, YCCS is distributed to the owners of the world’s largest sail and motor yachts while they visit the Costa.